Muskogee High School is reaching closer to state average results in English and history End of Instruction tests, but have a ways to go in Algebra I and biology, school officials said Friday.

Meanwhile, Hilldale and Fort Gibson High Schools report big gains in students passing the state algebra tests, according to results released Friday by the State Board of Education and area schools.

Results of the state End of Instruction tests for Algebra 1, biology, English I were reviewed and released Thursday by the Oklahoma Board of Education. The test results are based on the percentage of students scoring satisfactory or above. The state uses English and math results to gauge a school’s yearly progress to meeting federal education standards.

More Oklahoma students passed English II, Algebra I and U.S. history while fewer proved proficient in biology.

More Muskogee students passed all tests in 2006 than in 2005, posting significant gains in history and English II, Muskogee Public Schools assessment director Joyce Weston reported. History results rose from 66 percent to 71 percent, within two points of the state average of 73 percent.

“So there’s no statistical difference between Muskogee and the state average,” said Derryl Venters, assistant MPS superintendent for curriculum and instruction. She said the high school English II results came within 8 points of the state average.

“We have some new teachers in English, so next year, we expect to be at state average,” she said.

The district is working at all levels to improve math scores, Venters said. She said the school has worked on professional development and teacher training to show what a successful math program looks like.

“We have scheduled math academies for teachers in grades three through six, seven and eight and at the high school,” she said. “We are looking for a university person to work with the teachers. We’re getting our curriculum aligned with state standards.”

Algebra seems to be Oklahoma’s toughest class, with only 38 percent of students passing the end of instruction test. That figure is up seven points from a 31 in 2005.

Fort Gibson math results rose 20 percent to 68 percent.

Hilldale results rose 17 percent to 52 percent.

“We really stayed with the kids,” said Hilldale algebra teacher Kim Morgan. “If they had trouble, we met with them before school, after school.”

The school also hired three more math teachers and added an algebra skills class for struggling students, she said. “Struggling students were taken out of an elective and put in the class, giving them two hours of math a day.”

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