, Muskogee, OK

August 31, 2013

Tadlocks celebrate 55 years of marriage

— Charlie Allen and Johnnie Mae Tadlock of Muskogee will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary Sunday, September 1, from 12:30 to 4:30 at p.m. the Three Forks Harbor River Center in Fort Gibson with a luncheon hosted by their children, Diana Lushenko of Muskogee, Patricia Graham of California, John Tadlock of Muskogee and Debra Duncan of Muskogee.

Johnnie Mae is eldest daughter of the Late John F. and Blanche Ashwood, and sister of the late Faye James of Muskogee. Charlie is the eldest son of the late Jess Tadlock of California, and the late Fern Tadlock of Lebanon, Missouri. He has six sisters and two brothers, all from Missouri as follows: Virginia Broshear Sousley, Shirley Chapman See, Joan McGuire, Beverly Worley Leatherman, Barbara Griffin (deceased), baby Beaulah Tadlock (deceased), Jim Tadlock and Larry Tadlock.

Johnnie Mae and Charlie were married August 23, 1958 in Muskogee.  The couple met in 1956 while he was visiting his favorite aunt and uncle in Kansas City, Missouri. She was living in the house next door at the time. One day while Charlie was babysitting for his aunt and uncle, Johnnie Mae came over to ask his aunt a question. Later, he told them about the girl who came over. His aunt remarked about how pretty she was, and his uncle chimed in saying she was “as pretty as any girl he had ever seen at that age.” They were soon dating and planned to marry after he completed Marine Boot Camp. They wrote each other every day until they were married. It is interesting to note that Johnnie Mae’s Uncle Harry Ashwood, who signed as a witness on the marriage certificate, also signed the marriage certificate of her mother and father in 1937. Their first home was at the Marine Base in 29 Palms, California. Over the years they have also lived in Kansas City, Missouri, southern California, and Springfield, Illinois. Most of their years together have been in Muskogee.

Charlie and Johnnie Mae have a total of 10 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, two of which they adopted. Their grandchildren from oldest to youngest are: Jamie Mae Triplett of Muskogee, Christopher Wayne Hallum (now with Christ in 2011), Jennifer Mae Kreins-Strickland of Muskogee, Ashlee Noel Steward of Fort Gibson, Robert Allen Devitt of California, Marissa Mae Tadlock of California, Clayton Allen Duncan of Muskogee, Kristina Sue Tadlock of California, Victoria Kae (Tori) Tadlock of California, and Shelby Austin Duncan of Muskogee.

Their great-grandchildren from oldest to youngest are: Zachary Shane Parris of Muskogee, Christina Sophia Hallum of California, Joshua Cole Triplett of Muskogee, Tobi Anne Warren (Hallum) of Muskogee, Halle Nicole Triplett of Muskogee, Carissa Mae Hallum of Muskogee, Julia Mae Hogner (adopted) of Muskogee, Macy Noel Barnes of Fort Gibson, Aidan Allen Louis Hogner (adopted) of Muskogee, Kyle Preston Steward of Fort Gibson, Ava Mae Starr of California, Layla Mae Duncan of Muskogee and Ayiana Lily Starr of California.

In addition, through step-families, they have five great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren as follows: Kimberli Ann Triplett and daughter Embri of Muskogee, Courtni Marie Triplett and daughter Makynli of Muskogee, Jeriah Jacob Steward and Makayla Elizabeth Steward, both of Fort Gibson, and Amelia Anise Warren of Muskogee.