, Muskogee, OK

March 27, 2011

Muskogee Public Library ‘worth more than books’

By Rhonda Lee
Books & More

— Parents may not realize they are their child’s first teacher.

Activities that parents do with their children help create the connections in the child’s brain that create a framework for all future learning. Muskogee Public Library offers activities such as storytime, craft making and other activities to help parents provide stimulating activities for their infants and older children.  

People naturally relate libraries to books and book related activities, but Muskogee Public Library wants people to see that our library is “worth more than books” through a variety of activities.

Muskogee Public Library is co-sponsoring a fund-raising event with the City of Muskogee on April 30 called “Touch-a-Truck.”  Children of all ages will have the opportunity to see vehicles of all types up close, to touch them, to sit in them, honk the horn as well as meet the people who drive these vehicles. Parents can build a foundation of knowledge for their child before this event by reading books from the library about all types of trucks and vehicles. “Get to Work Trucks!” by Don Carter and “I’m a Backhoe” by Anna Grossnickle Hines are examples of books that show a variety of trucks and equipment that are used at a building site.  

Touch-a-Truck is an Azalea Festival activity for the month of April.  One of the pre-event activities is the Azalea Festival Parade which takes place on April 9. There will be a truck in the parade to represent the Touch-a-Truck event. Muskogee Public Library is sponsoring a drawing for kids to ride in the truck during the parade or receive a prize. Entry forms are located in the Children’s Department of the Library.  The entry form has a picture of a truck to color at the top of the page with information needed to be added for the drawing at the bottom. Kids can color a truck, fill out the information, and turn the page in at the Children’s area desk. The librarian will cut off the information and put it in the drawing. Then the child can decide if he wants to let the librarian put his colored truck on the wall for decoration or keep it for himself.  

So bring your child into Muskogee Public Library to fill out an entry form for the drawing to ride in the parade by April 1. The drawing will be held on April 2 and winners will be notified by Monday, April 4. While you’re at the library check out books about trucks and other vehicles. Then mark the date on your calendar for Saturday, April 30, for the Touch A Truck event.  Touch a Truck will be held at Hatbox from 8:30 a.m. to noon April 30. You will have fun expanding your child’s world while learning about vehicles of all types.

Reach Rhonda Lee, library assistant/Early Literacy coordinator for Muskogee Public Library, at (918) 682-6657, Ext. 250.