, Muskogee, OK

March 27, 2011

Two unforgettable events on the Journey to Easter

By Pastor B. W. Noble
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

— As we travel on life’s journey we experience many, many exciting events.  

Some are more outstanding than others; some are soon forgotten; and some are unforgettable. On our Lord Jesus Christ’s journey to Easter, I feel there were two unforgettable events that occurred.

The first unforgettable event was the bitter taste. A kiss is always associated with love and affection. Psalms 85: 10 shows how mercy and truth are met together; righteous and peace have kissed each other.

In St. Luke, Chapter 15, the father welcomes the prodigal son home with a kiss. The book of Romans, Chapter 16 verse 16 tells us to salute one another with a “holy kiss.” But Judas, one of the 12 that betrayed Christ, used a gesture of love, a kiss, to put the finger on Jesus. It was a bitter, bitter, bitter kiss.

Jesus said, “Judas, my friend, betrayest thou me with a kiss?”  This is an unforgettable event on the road to Easter; one of the last hours on Christ’s earthly journey.

The second unforgettable event was a crowing rooster. The crowing rooster that reminded Peter, one of the first followers of Jesus on His earthly, part of the inner circle; the Peter that walked the water, the Peter that witnessed the transfiguration, the Peter that when the question was asked who do men say that I am responded thou are the Christ; the Peter that on the road to the Garden of Gethsemane promised he would never forsake Jesus; the Peter to whom Jesus said, when the cock crows you will denied me thrice; the Peter who bowed down at standing time.

My friends, Judas misused the kiss, and Peter bowed under the weight of his own fears, but you and I should try to so live that our lips kiss with sincerity, and that when we bow it is with reverence to an almighty God.

Let our journey to Easter be filled with love and devotion for our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The schedule

Local religious leaders will present the Journey to Easter, an annual series leading to Easter Sunday.

Everyone is welcome to hear them at noon Wednesdays at local churches. A light lunch will be available after worship.

Here is the schedule:

• Wednesday — Ben Nobles, Grace Episcopal Church, 218 N. Sixth St.

• April 6 — Don Jones, St. Paul United Methodist Church, 2130 W. Okmulgee Ave.

• April 13 — Greg Boyd, First United Methodist Church, 600 E. Okmulgee Ave.

• April 20 — Bob Wickizer, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, 700 N. Fourth St.