, Muskogee, OK


September 15, 2012

Intersection key to future of Muskogee

Muskogee’s economic future may well intersect at the corner of U.S. 69 and Shawnee Bypass.

So it’s great news that Muskogee County Commissioners got the ball rolling toward the potential sale of commercial property located at the southwest corner of the U.S. 69 and Shawnee Bypass intersection.

The move was made in response to an inquiry from a real estate brokerage and development group. The Tulsa-based company inquired in August about the possibility of buying the property.

It’s no secret why developers are interested in that intersection. It is the city’s second busiest, averaging about 34,000 vehicles daily.

Imagine how many of those vehicles would stop at a QuikTrip or a major department or home improvement store.

In the past, QuikTrip expressed interest in property on the north side of the intersection, but because the Oklahoma Department of Transportation owns parcels of land on both the northeast and northwest intersection, QuikTrip was unable to secure the property it wanted.

But if a business or businesses develop property on the southwest corner of the intersection, that will make the north sides more attractive to potential developers, and in turn, more willing to jump through the hoops of buying the property from ODOT.

City and county leaders want to turn that intersection into a sales tax producer.

District 1 County Commissioner Gene Wallace said once the county-owned property is appraised, commissioners will begin the process of selling it if the price is sufficient to serve citizens’ best interest.

Getting that intersection booming is of great interest to Muskogee’s economic future.

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