, Muskogee, OK

April 17, 2013

Summer academy a good idea

— A new program that allows Hilldale students to make up failing grades or failed tests by going to a summer academy gives students an opportunity to stay on track to graduation.

The academy would be open to middle and high school students who fail a class and who do not pass the End of Instruction test.

“If the students come for the summer academy, they would not have to give up an elective in the fall,” said Hilldale Superintendent Kaylin Coody.

“Say the student fails English 2; the student can take it in the summer” instead of taking remediation in the fall and drop an elective, Coody said.

“We are trying to come up with anything we can so they don’t get behind on their graduation requirements,” Coody said.

The classes are voluntary.

It may be tough on students to give up their summer freedom. But we would encourage every student in need of this program to take advantage of it.

The program could help raise graduation rates and decrease dropout rates.

Hilldale administration should be commended for creating another strong program with students at the center.