, Muskogee, OK

October 16, 2012

School should be tougher

— Life is tough.

School should be tough, too.

Schoolwork will get tougher as Oklahoma schools continue implementing the more rigorous Common Core curriculum state standards.

“When your child comes home and says school is difficult, he’s not just playing games,” Muskogee Public Schools language arts instructional coach Clevetta Haynes-Gray told parents at a recent public forum.

Peggy Jones, MPS director of curriculum and instruction, said the new curriculum stresses increased literacy across all areas.

The new standards will be tougher on parents, too.

Jami Divelbiss, who has a first- and a fourth-grader at Sadler Arts Academy, said she has been struggling to help her fourth-grader with math.

“How do you help them when they are struggling?” Divelbiss asked at the meeting.

Schoolwork and homework will be tougher on both student and parents.

That’s not a bad thing.

Schools have a responsibility to ensure our children are prepared to succeed in an increasingly difficult world.

Part of that responsibility is to ensure children have the skills necessary to handle the jobs of the future.

Workers need to be able to compete to allow municipalities to attract companies with jobs.

The workforce can’t be prepared if children are not challenged at school.

It may be tough, but it is almost certainly better for our future than to allow children to succeed on paper and fail in the workplace.

Life is tough. So is the workplace.

There are no participation medals in business.

The fit survive.

Children are better off learning that now and thriving in the future.