, Muskogee, OK


December 25, 2012

City’s growth requires leaders’ vision

Ask any official in the business of bringing jobs to Muskogee and they will tell you our city has several assets that are valuable attractions to businesses.

We have the Port of Muskogee, Davis Field airport, access to rail and highways, and the area has people ready to work.

It takes vision and leadership to turn assets into real jobs.

Our leaders must go out on a limb and create a plan that will take advantage of our assets.

Our leaders must convince us to be patient — we can’t assume jobs are around the corner. We have to prepare for the long-term health and growth of our community.

Our leaders must be more concerned with the next few generations than any upcoming election.

That’s what this city needs to grow.

The city has the resources to turn major decisions into reality.

The city has the City of Muskogee Foundation ready to be convinced that paying now will benefit us in the future.

For instance, Davis Field may need a control tower to help bring industry to the area surrounding the airport.

Davis Field might need railroad spur lines built into the airport.

Davis Field might need sewer and utilities built now.

Each one of these ideas are gambles.

We would be spending money now in hopes of attracting business later.

There are no guarantees.

That’s why we challenge our mayor, City Council, city manager, the City of Muskogee Foundation, and Action In Muskogee leaders to formulate a plan.

Convince us to be bold and spend now, but be patient as we wait for the payoffs.

True leadership must have vision and courage to move our city forward.

Vision. That’s what Muskogee needs today to prepare for our tomorrows.

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