, Muskogee, OK

March 30, 2013

Easter: Time to be renewed

— Happy Easter!

Today many children will wake to baskets filled with candy, colored eggs and toys nestled in  synthetic grass in colors never found in nature.

We may dress up, perhaps even donning new clothes to mark the holiday.

Many of us will  spend our morning in church. Easter pageants, plays and cantatas will be performed across the area.

Friends and families around Green Country will gather this afternoon for a holiday meal.

These are fine ways to mark the holiday, but take a moment from your celebrations for reflection.

Easter is about resurrection.

For believers, the holiday marks Christ overcoming sin and death to fulfill the world’s need for redemption.

Easter is a celebration of victory over death, and it coincides with and is connected to the celebration of Passover, the deliverance of the Jewish people from death and from their bondage in Egypt.

It is fitting that Easter comes at the beginning of spring as signs of rebirth are all around. Grass is beginning to grow. Early flowers are blooming. Signs of renewal are everywhere.

Are you in need of that renewal?

Is your  heart, your mind, your life in need of deliverance?

If you are harboring ill will toward others, if you can’t stand those who don’t look like, act like or agree with you, it is a good time to examine those attitudes, to seek deliverance from them.

If there is a friend, neighbor or family member you have something against, it is a good time to offer forgiveness and to restore your relationship.

If you have caused someone pain, if you need to heal a rift with another, it is a good time to seek redemption.

If you see others in need, in hunger or in pain and turn away, it is a good time for mercy to bloom in your heart.

Take a look around you. The earth shows it is a time of rebirth.

Easter morning is a time for hope, for renewal, for deliverance.

So many of us need these things in our lives. Take a look at yourself. Consider your life. What is in need of rebirth?