, Muskogee, OK

June 27, 2013

Adding homes adds growth

— Allowing some residential development within a proposed area targeted for redevelopment offers the best chance for sustained growth.

Muskogee Urban Renewal Authority commissioners will not limit the area to commercial and light industry.

Instead, the area bounded by Chicago and 11th streets on the east and west and Shawnee Bypass and Talladega Street on the north and south will include 34 mixed-income, single-family homes.

Homeowners are good for the city.

They pay property taxes.

A new development to be built within a six-square-block area will change the entire outlook for the proposed area.

Urban renewal can be a risky business.

The national economy ebbs and flows, and so do jobs, particularly retail and industry.

But adding families to the mix will give the best safety net for an economic downturn.

The best way to ensure the proposed area withstands an economic downturn is to include homes and families.

The area chosen for urban renewal is a good one.

The area, bounded on the north by Shawnee Bypass, has great potential for retail growth.

Shawnee has grown tremendously in the last 10 years.

It also shows the most potential for sustained growth.

The chosen area is clearly blighted.

Retail, light industry and new homes will give the area a tremendous face-lift and provide for long-term growth.