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September 30, 2013

Decision belongs in high court

Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to offer birth control to employees may go to the United States Supreme Court.


That’s where the suit belongs.

Hobby Lobby and a Christian bookstore chain do not want to provide the wide range of birth control options required by the Affordable Care Act.

Those companies, and many more like them, oppose  offering such options based on religious grounds.

Hobby Lobby owners feel being forced by law to offer the options  abridges their constitutional right to religious freedom.

The issues at stake here are religious liberty juxtaposed against women’s reproductive rights.

The U.S. was founded on the right to freely exercise religion.

It’s a cornerstone of the Constitution.

A woman’s right to choose has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

The most appropriate place for this lawsuit is in the hands of the nine Supreme Court justices.

The federal government asked the court to hear the case last week. President Barack Obama’s administration surely hopes the court upholds all of the ACA.

The case holds major implications for both sides of the argument — the right to choose and the forced provision of contraceptives.

It’s a tough case.

It belongs in the Supreme Court.

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