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May 14, 2014

Make learning a lifelong pursuit

Education should be a lifelong journey.

Learning new things keeps our minds sharp and makes our lives more interesting.

That’s why 75-year-old Elsie Ceasar should be such an inspiration to us all.

Elsie earned her associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Bacone College recently.

Elsie said furthering her education has been a goal she always has wanted to accomplish.

“It was always a dream of mine to go to college,” she said.

And she won’t stop there.

Elsie said she needs 38 hours to get her bachelor’s degree.

“I’m not a sit-at-home person,” Elsie said. “I have to be involved with something.”

Knowledge is power and should be one of our most cherished possessions.

Learning something new at any age should be a joyous experience.

Learning does not end in high school or college.

It is very possible that every person you meet could teach you something new.

You don’t have to formalize your education as Elsie did to be influenced by her accomplishment.

Read a book.

Learn a musical instrument.

Take yoga.

Learn a new language.

Take a class on painting or sculpting.

Take voice lessons.

All of these are forms of new knowledge.

We are bound by the constraints of our level of knowledge.

We all have the capacity to break those bonds by picking up a book.

Let Elsie be your inspiration.

Learn something new today ... and tomorrow ... and the next day ...

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