, Muskogee, OK


May 29, 2014

Teach youth to handle emergencies

Israel Elijah Martin is a hero.

This 8-year-old called 911 on May 17 because his grandmother was having trouble breathing.

Family friend Katie Henry said Israel provided emergency crews with information about his grandmother’s insurance, medication and other details they needed regarding the situations.

He also rode in the ambulance with her to the hospital.

Israel received the Call of Duty Hero Award during a recent school assembly at Irving Elementary School. The award was presented by representatives of the Muskogee fire and police departments and Muskogee County Emergency Medical Service.

“We were thrilled to participate,” said Rebecca Williamson of Muskogee County EMS. “We think he did a fantastic job.”

Williamson said Israel was very mature and was able to call 911, remain calm and get help for someone who needed it.

“We’re proud of him,” she said. “He did a great job.”

Israel did a fantastic job.

His calm, swift action helped save his grandmother’s life.

We are happy to see him recognized by our first responders.

Parents should heed this example and teach their children what to do in an emergency.

The more children understand how to handle themselves in these situations, the more confidence they will have to succeed in them as Israel did.

Take the time to teach your children how to handle emergency situations.

It will help them and you.

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