, Muskogee, OK


May 31, 2014

Good people must turn in vandals

Vandals who ruined a natural landmark near the Illinois River should be looking over their shoulders as Facebook and Twitter members close in.

The vandalism — described as a “billboard in bright yellow paint” — occurred at a landmark known as Bathtub Rock.

The landmark is located within the 17,000-acre J.T. Nickel Family Nature and Wildlife Preserve.

“We haven’t caught them yet, but we have gotten some very good information in response to posts on social media,” said Ed Brocksmith, an Oklahoma water pioneer and co-founder of Save the Illinois River.

Brocksmith said, “There are a lot of people upset about what happened out there.”

Hopefully, there is enough frustration from good people to lead to the identification of the character-challenged people who committed this act.

It’s frustrating to live in a world sometimes that has way too many of these kind of people.

You know the type. They are the ones who think no rules are made for them.

They have an attitude that the rest of us don’t matter.

It’s time that we show them that our lives matter, too.

The vast majority of people are good, honest individuals.

Some person out there knows the individuals responsible for the vandalism.

It’s time for that person to show his or her character and lead authorities to the vandals.

The numbskulls who vandalized Bathtub Rock know what they did was wrong. They know they don’t want to get caught.

They aren’t proud of their work — or they would come forward and take “credit.”

They sit in the shadows laughing that they are getting away with their immature activities.

It’s time good people stood up to the vandals by turning their names in to the authorities.

You can help

Anyone who has information about the identities of those responsible for the vandalism to Bathtub Rock may call (918) 284-9440. A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the vandals.

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