, Muskogee, OK

June 4, 2014

Think of others first

— We could all learn from Keyley Bolding’s giving attitude.

Keyley, who recently celebrated her 15th birthday, did not ask for gifts this year — at least not for herself.

Keyley asked for donations to her favorite organizations in place of gifts for herself.

Keyley said the reason she wants to give instead of receive is because she can help other kids like her. Keyley has cerebral palsy, a disorder that directly affects movement. Many organizations have helped her, and her birthday wish is to give back. Keyley said she truly enjoys helping children.

“I really need your help,” Keyley said recently.

We need more people like Keyley in the world.

We all have the potential to be more like her.

We just have to realize we are not alone in this world.

We have to realize that we did not get here by ourselves — that many people helped along the way.

We have to be willing to be happy making others happy instead of expecting everything to fall our way.

It is not an easy attitude to have. It requires us to focus on others.

But can you imagine how wonderful a world this would be if we could all be just a little bit more like Keyley?

Maybe we all need to volunteer more?

Give of ourselves instead of asking for ourselves.

Maybe we need just to remember our legacy won’t be determined by how much we have, but by how much better we left the world.

Keyley has a great start on that.