, Muskogee, OK


June 9, 2014

Applause for postmaster’s efforts

We are thrilled to see the new Muskogee postmaster has begun his new job by tackling an old problem.

One of Chris Baker’s first tasks was to clear old shrubs from in front of the post office on Okmulgee Avenue.

“I want the community to be as proud of their post office as I am,” said Baker, 35. “I had the custodian to start cleaning up out there in front. I jumped in and helped out. I like to lead by example.”

That’s a great attitude for a service industry manager.

We applaud Baker’s attitude.

We also applaud the first efforts to make the post office more presentable.

There have long been complaints around town that the post office is less than presentable.

A letter to the editor published recently complained about the post office’s appearance.

While the major function of the post office is to move the mail in an efficient manner, we are happy to see efforts being made to spruce up the place.

The post office is situated on a major downtown thoroughfare.

It easily could give visitors a bad impression if it is not kept presentable.

The building also could be an asset to the community if it were maintained better.

We welcome the return of Chris Baker in his new role as postmaster.

And we appreciate his initial efforts into making Muskogee a more beautiful place.

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