, Muskogee, OK


June 13, 2014

Getting vets health care a good move

Congress seems intent on offering President Barack Obama a bill that would allow veterans to seek private medical care and have the cost be paid by the federal government.

This is exactly what Congress needed to do.

Recent reports that our veterans were dying because of long waits to see doctors in Veterans Affairs hospitals lit a fire under Congress to get something accomplished.

If our veterans had acted as slowly as Congress usually does when faced with adversity, we would all be speaking another language today.

No, our veterans placed their lives on the line to protect our lives and preserve our freedoms.

And for that we owe them a debt of gratitude that can’t completely be repaid.

But we promised those willing to die for our country some things.

One of those things was medical care.

We promised military men and women that we would take care of them.

And, in some cases, we have been doing a very bad job of fulfilling our promises.

It is disgraceful if even one of our veterans died waiting for health care.

So, Congress is working on a solution.

As solutions go, this seems like the best, quickest answer to the problem.

Allow vets to see private doctors and have the bills go to Washington, D.C.

The Cherokee Nation recently signed an agreement to allow it to provide health care for veterans of Cherokee descent.

That’s great.

If the Cherokee Nation can move veterans through its system faster than the VA, then by all means, that’s what should be done.

Our veterans deserve to be taken care of in a faster manner than what has been happening.

We applaud Congress for finding a solid, if temporary, solution to this problem.

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