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June 14, 2014

Fatherhood is worth the effort

There is so much more to being a father than just being a birth parent.

Fatherhood may be the most important job for a man.

Fatherhood preserves the past and secures the future for our generations.

Being a good father means sacrificing to ensure that your children are better off than you were growing up.

Being a good father means being your children’s best friend when they want one.

There is a great responsibility in being a father.

How you treat the women in your life could be how your son treats the women in his life.

If the father respects the women in his life, then the son is way more likely to do the same.

Making sacrifices and showing your children that they are the most important parts of your life will be reflected when they have children.

Neglect your children and they will be more likely to treat their children the same way.

Being a father means more than a paycheck.

It means showing your children the importance of doing right.

You can teach your children how to be responsible with their money if you are responsible with yours.

You can show your children how important it is to have a great work ethic by how many times you get up and go to work yourself.

Children want to be like their fathers.

Children offer unconditional love, but they will learn what love means from you.

If you show hate in your heart, your children are more likely to show hate in theirs.

Don’t be surprised if your children become a mini-version of you.

That’s the great responsibility in being a true father.

Children will preserve your legacy — good or bad — based on how well you succeeded as a father.

It’s a difficult job, but one well worth the appropriate effort.

On this Father’s Day, we hope you remember yours.

We also hope you strive to be the best father to your children.

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