, Muskogee, OK


January 16, 2014

Helping out Red Cross a noble cause

The Red Cross needs our help.

A group of 15 volunteers help the local Red Cross, which covers three counties — Muskogee, Cherokee and Adair.

That’s a lot of ground — and a lot of people.

Director Ryan Hardaway said that amounts to about 120,000 people to serve.

More volunteers are needed.

Hardaway said the agency responds to an average of more than 100 fires per year.

The requirements and the obligations are minimal.

They are:

• Be available three days per month.

• Have a current driver’s license.

• Pass a background check.

The volunteer chooses which days they are able to volunteer each month, and if a disaster happens on that day they may be called to respond. If there are no disasters on the day the volunteer picked, then no response is required.

For families who just lost all their possessions in a fire, a friendly face is a welcome one.

You can be one of those faces.

You can help

For information on becoming an American Red Cross volunteer in Muskogee, Cherokee and Adair counties, contact Ryan Hardaway at (918) 682-1366 or Tulsa/volunteer.

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