, Muskogee, OK


April 10, 2014

Character skills important

Teaching students the skills they need to thrive in the workplace is a primary responsibility of our education system.

Teaching students in a way that creates a sense of character makes the skills learned all that more valuable.

Muskogee Public Schools are doing an excellent job at teaching character.

We applaud the commitment of the administration and the staff in this critical endeavor.

Each year, MPS honors students throughout the district for their achievements in character.

Students from 13 schools were honored at the recent annual Character Celebration Banquet.

The banquet honored students for their displays of character through video and poster contests as well as those who showed great character in their activities.

We can’t say enough about how proud we are of these students.

The character skills these students are learning will guide them throughout their lives as well as  their school careers.

Students who learn the value of character will make better citizens, workers and parents.

They also will be happier humans.

We also are proud of their home support.

At each annual banquet, students arrive with parents, guardians and family. The entourage shows these students they are proud of their character achievements.

Their loved ones’ attendance  shows the students how important character skills are in life.

We applaud these student’s achievements.

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