, Muskogee, OK


January 3, 2013

Solving problem begins now

A compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff delays — but does not solve — the financial problems facing the United States.

A myriad of automatic tax increases and spending cuts were avoided late Tuesday night. But the heavy lifting of getting the U.S. on a strong financial foundation will be placed on the backs of the American middle class.

To put an end to deficit spending and to erase the national debt requires revenue increases and cuts in government.

There is no way to avoid that scenario.

Every middle-class American who has had to stretch the household dollar understands you either need to bring in more money or cut spending.

The federal government does not have that easy of a choice.

The middle class understands the problem. We are a society based on credit. We borrow to buy what we want.

The middle class spends more than what is in its pockets.

We know how that affects our ability to plan for the future.

This problem did not begin in a day and won’t be solved in a day.

This problem affects us all and the burden of fixing it should fall on all of us.

Legislators should begin today to find the painful — yet realistic — answers to difficult questions.

There are two sides of the aisle — some want small government; some want government to provide for its citizens beyond national defense.

Therefore, both sides of the aisle must realize that a future based solely on their separate needs will fail.

Finding a solution  will take compromise. It will take shared burden.

Let’s get started today.

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