, Muskogee, OK


January 31, 2013

Cycling plan worth approval

— Muskogee should approve a pilot program to create bicycle lanes along two city streets.

The bicycle lanes would be marked along portions of Seventh and 12th streets.

Those streets were selected for the program because they are wider than most and could accommodate more easily the addition of bicycle lanes.

We encourage the council to consider if those streets are where the lanes would be put to the best use.

Cycling is a good aerobic exercise.

However, the program won’t benefit everyone.

Not everyone is fit enough to ride a bike.

And it costs to buy a bicycle.

The lanes, however, are just part of a “complete street” system that accommodates all forms of transportation, including pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and mass transit.

The pedestrian portion of the plan is intriguing, too.

Walking is a great first step on a fitness program.

It’s free.  And many people are fit enough to be begin a walking program.

The city also should consider the possibility of adding sidewalks to more streets.

The pilot program comes before the Public Works Committee on Feb. 5.

If the plan wins approval by the city council — we encourage that — and proves successful, more lanes could be added.

It is not exactly a well-kept secret that we are sedentary in our lifestyles.

We need to get up, get out and move.

The more exercise the better.

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