, Muskogee, OK


July 10, 2014

Council should not buy new cars

Muskogee city councilors should not pay for a courtesy car program, but should explore helping upgrade the program at Davis Field Airport.

Pilots who fly into airports sometimes need a car for just a few hours instead of renting one for a day.

At larger airports there may be several fueling stations from which a pilot may choose.

The fueling stations are in competition with other stations for pilots’ business.

Think of it as several convenience stores at the same intersection.

The stores are in competition with each other. The one that provides the best incentive gets your business.

The fueling stations provide the cars as added incentive for pilots to choose their station.

Davis Field manager Garry Lynn is asking the City Council for help with a courtesy car program.

Lynn sees the car as helping our image.

He’s right.

Providing amenities for pilots does make our city look better. The new airport terminal is a good example of the city putting its best foot forward.

But there is no real payback for buying one or more courtesy cars for pilots to use on short stops. The pilots won’t spend enough money in our city to offset the cost of the courtesy car.

Councilors should explore options to help upgrade the fixed base operator’s available car. But taxpayers should not buy a new car.

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