, Muskogee, OK


June 20, 2014

Do not commit more troops

President Barack Obama should not commit additional troops to Iraq.

It’s a lost cause.

Iraq is a modern-day Vietnam.

Thousands of United States military died in southeast Asia because we did not pull out soon enough.

The same thing is going to happen in Iraq if we send more troops to try to quash a mounting insurgency.

The conflict is not winnable because U.S. troops are fighting in a country where many of the citizens despise our way of life.

They see us as the invaders.

They see us as the conquerors.

And they are never going to give up the fight and go away.

They are never going to build a representative democracy.

They are never going to embrace what we believe in or stand for.

A country can conquer another country.

An army can defeat an army.

But no one can defeat an idea.

That’s what we are up against in Iraq — we are fighting in a country where we are not perceived as the heroes, but as the aggressors.

As long as the idea exists that the United States is the evil empire, we are in a no-win situation.

We could conquer that country. But it would mean killing many, many more Iraqi citizens.

It does not appear as if we are going to be able to help Iraq create peace. The Iraqi people must want that first and foremost.

It appears that is not the case.

Too many people are going to have to die before the United States will ever be able to stabilize that country and its government.

Too many of those people will be our soldiers.

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