, Muskogee, OK


April 27, 2012

Program makes volunteerism lifelong lesson

There is no greater calling than service to your fellow human beings.

The Muskogee High School Rougher 300 program helps to instill a feeling of servitude in students.

The goal is to have students do 300 hours of volunteer work in their four years of high school.

The program rewards MHS students who per- form service in communi- ty projects, church work, civic activities or other non-paying service.

Thirty-three participants in the program were celebrat- ed recently at a banquet at Three Forks Harbor.

Rougher 300 participants earn points for each hour of community service they do. Seniors who performed at least 225 hours over the past few years will get a gold cord. Starting with the class of 2013, seniors who earn at least 300 hours get a gold cord.

The program is growing. Twenty-one students were celebrated last year, compared to 33 this year.

Teaching students the value of service to others should carry over and make their adult lives much richer.

Rougher 300

Student    Hours

Brady Allen    309    

Ricky Arnel    130

Kyle Beard    296

Taylor Bratcher    103.30

David Boyd    300

Aaron Colvin    226

Tanner Felts    107.5

Ashlee Fletcher    125

Avery Frix    268

Shelby Gardenhire    347

Chris Gilmartin    75

Hayden Jacobs    86

Breanna Jones    120

Laura Jardine    269

Nolan R. King    275.5

Katie Matthews    332

Phylisia P. Mayfield   332.5

Hollie Moore    75.5

Dylan Oney    389

Angela Paige    246

Catrina Pearson    288

Michelle Perkins    301.5

Sara Rosson    363

Sydnie Rosson    363

Lindsay Sholes    249

Ryan Summerhill    192

Joe Tomlinson    109.5

Ashlie Tull    130

Daniel VanKirk    111.5

Morgan Walker     316

Miranda Walters    315

Tristan Watson    103      

Zachary Wilhite    250.75

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