, Muskogee, OK


July 8, 2014

Mission finds new home

Muskogee Day Nursery served this community for a century.

The nursery closed in 2013, but it will be reborn to serve another underserved portion of our society.

The Gospel Rescue Mission is hoping to move into the unoccupied building in 2015.

“The Day Nursery fits well with the plans and direction of the mission,” said Brad Schell, president of the mission board. “We are 83 years old and have provided soap, soup and shelter for those years.”

The mission seeks to help homeless people restore their lives.

It’s fortuitous for the mission to find a new home in the old nursery building at 323 Callahan St.

The mission would relocate from 326 S. Second St.

The relocation will provide the mission with more room to serve its residents.

The mission’s current location is near the proposed arts district near downtown.

Perhaps the mission’s old home — or at least the land — can be used to augment the new arts district.

We are pleased the Gospel Rescue Mission was able to find a home that will allow them to better serve their constituents.

We are pleased an unoccupied building will see new life.

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