, Muskogee, OK


May 28, 2014

Fix VA problems today

We owe so much to our veterans who fought to preserve our freedom.

That’s why it is especially egregious that Veterans Affairs can’t get its act together well enough to take care of our veterans.

Long waits for appointments and processing benefit applications are not just the VA’s problem. Government can get cumbersome no matter the agency.

But we are talking about reports that people who were willing to die for our country may be dying because we can’t set an appointment fast enough.

That’s just not right.

We have made a pledge to those who serve in the military.

We must honor that pledge.

Congress can’t look toward the VA to save money when it comes time for cuts.

It has been said many times on social media lately that if you can’t afford to take care of your veterans, you can’t afford to go to war.

We agree.

Congress and the President should be working together to find solutions instead of trying to make election-year headlines.

Yes, the VA has its problems.

And some have suggested that we do away with the VA all together. It has been suggested that we can continue taking care of our vets through other government agencies or programs such as Medicare or Medicaid.

That might be something that needs to be discussed.

But for now, there should be no discussion on whether to take care of veterans or who is to blame.

For now, we should be discussing solutions.

The sooner the better.

Because if another vet dies awaiting help — that’s Congress and the president’s fault.

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