, Muskogee, OK


June 18, 2014

State VA deserves praise

— Veterans Affairs officials in Oklahoma should be commended for ensuring our veterans receive medical care in a timely manner.

New patients seeking health care at Oklahoma VA hospitals generally waited less than veterans at dozens of VA facilities throughout the United States.

The Associated Press reported the results of a federal audit last week.

The report stated:

• New patients seeking health care  waited an average of 31 days in Muskogee and 44 days in Oklahoma City for a primary care appointment.

• Established patients at both centers had waits averaging just more than two days to be seen.

The report by the Department of Veterans Affairs also found that new patients seeking speciality care had to wait about 31 days in Muskogee and 48 days in Oklahoma City.

The report highlights the care given to veterans in Oklahoma. It comes after reports in Arizona and other sites that said veterans are waiting extremely long times for care.

Some veterans reportedly have died waiting for care.

That’s unacceptable.

Veterans risked their lives to protect our freedoms and deserve the best possible care in a timely manner.

Oklahoma officials say they are working to make the times even better.

That’s great to hear.

As Oklahoma is doing better than most sites, we have confidence that officials will find a way to trim even more time off the waits.

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