, Muskogee, OK

June 24, 2014

Do your civic duty today: Vote

— Vote today.

You have a civic responsibility and a patriotic duty to cast your ballot.

Regardless of whom you support, vote.

It matters that you exercise your most vital freedom, the freedom to make your choice by secret ballot at your local polling place.

If you want to shout your selection from the rooftop after you have left the polling place, feel free. But in that hallowed space, no one may attempt to influence your choice, no one may ask you to state a preference or force you to explain your selection.

As Americans we have the right to free speech, guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. If you want to complain about your government, you may.

But today you have the opportunity to decide how you are governed. You influence the outcome. You have a role to play in the selection of those who will govern us.

And if your choice doesn’t win, at least your complaints have more validity. You may seek to influence your representative as a member of the loyal opposition.

Also, you have every right to campaign vigorously for your side the next time and to try to get those who agree with you to the polls.