, Muskogee, OK


January 21, 2014

Council’s plan to help its workers sound

If an employee doesn’t feel valued, chances are they won’t do their best work. Furthermore, if they don’t feel like they can advance or that their employer doesn’t care about them, they likely won’t stick around. And even if they do stick around because jobs aren’t aplenty, it’s likely they’ll do just enough to get by.

That’s why the Muskogee City Council made the right move by approving two new policies last week.

The policies:

•  Provide financial incentives for workers whose jobs require licensing or who want to further their education.

• Implement an employee of the month program worth a day off with pay.

Some view employee of the month rewards as glorified popularity contests. In some cases, that may be true. But we believe there is real value in recognizing someone for not just doing their job, but going above and beyond.

Interim City Manager Roy Tucker told the Phoenix he sees the licensing and tuition reimbursement program as a way “to increase and encourage the technical, managerial, and personal competency of the entire city staff.”

We concur.

Education and training costs are daunting. Because the city is willing to foot the bill — up to $500 — the costs are a lot less daunting for employees wanting to further educate themselves.

A workforce that is better educated not only serves the city better, it serves its citizens better as well.

Both of these initiatives will add value to Muskogee’s employees and, by extension, its citizens.

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