, Muskogee, OK

February 23, 2014

Get excited for what our future holds

— Enclosed in today’s Phoenix, you will find the second part of our annual look at what the future holds for Muskogee.

We did things a little differently in Outlook 2014, and we hope it gets you excited about what’s in store for Muskogee.

Traditionally, our Outlook section, which we publish every February, takes a look at what the coming year holds for area businesses while looking back at the previous year’s accomplishments.

This year, we looked at how far we’ve come over the last decade and what the next decade holds.


Ten years ago, the City of Muskogee Foundation didn’t exist. Action in Muskogee didn’t exist. The Muskogee Urban Renewal Authority had been gone for years. QuikTrip didn’t have its eyes on Muskogee. Downtown buildings stood empty and rotted.

Fast forward a decade, and look at Muskogee now.

This is an exciting time in Muskogee. As Mayor Bob Coburn has said since he took office, Muskogee is “on the cusp” of great things.

“If we’re not on the cusp, we’re hanging over the edge,” Coburn told the Phoenix in 2012.

And we are now getting a preliminary look at what has been in the works quietly in the background for some time, as county commissioners and city officials worked together to make our home a better place.

Without their leadership and without the help of concerned citizens who want to make our home not just good, but great, projects such as the downtown cultural district, a new Martin Luther King Center, the vision for the Fourth Street Walk and many more things downtown would not be happening. The corner of Shawnee Bypass and U.S. 69 would sit untouched and unable to be utilized for economic development. A blighted area of town that has been identified for big-box retail development south of the Shawnee Bypass would remain blighted.

Don’t take for granted how far we’ve come.

Look forward to the future and realize how fortunate we are to have such organizations as the City of Muskogee Foundation and AIM.

There is a positive vision shaping the next 10 years of Muskogee, and you should want to be a part of the process any way you can.

Reading Outlook should get you excited about what our future holds.