, Muskogee, OK


June 25, 2013

Grant allows OMHOF to fulfill promise

— A $420,000 grant breathes new life into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame at just the right moment.

The grant, awarded by the City of Muskogee Foundation, will allow the OMHOF to hire an executive director and additional support staff. It also will pay for administrative expenses to help make the hall “a self-sustaining entity,” said Foundation Quality of Life chair Martha Alford.

The grant is a three-year commitment. It gives officials the breathing room to make plans with the safety net of knowing the OHMOF will be around for a while.

The Foundation asked for “specific and measurable goals and benchmarks.”

That’s a good thing.

It should ensure that Foundation money will not just fall down a hole.

It gives the OMHOF its best chance to thrive after an era of just surviving.

It also gives Muskogee taxpayers the assurance that Foundation money is going toward a reasonable risk.

Remember, the Foundation grants are essentially taxpayer money from the lease of the former Muskogee Regional Medical Center. The Foundation has an obligation to ensure all the funds are being spent wisely.

Muskogee needs a thriving OMHOF  to help the city become more tourist friendly.

The Foundation grant goes a long way to allowing the OMHOF to determine its destiny.

Muskogee and its citizens will have few regrets after three years.

This grant allows the OMHOF the financial freedom to prove its potential.

That’s what the OMHOF and the city deserve.

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