, Muskogee, OK

June 18, 2013

Swons made us proud

— Although the Swon Brothers did not finish first on prime-time television, they have cemented their stature as the voice of Green Country.

The brothers — Zach and Colton — made it from a single audition all the way to the finals of the “The Voice” last night.

For many outside of our area, it may seem as if the brothers burst onto the scene as an overnight sensation.

As is the case of many success stories, the brothers spent nearly two decades in preparation to take advantage of their big break.

There is no doubt the pair are talented. Anyone who has seen them perform from Wagoner to Arrowhead Mall to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame to the Muskogee Civic Center and every place in between can vouch for that talent.

The Swons’ big break came after their talent earned their way onto the national stage that is “The Voice.”

With the help of their TV coach, Blake Shelton, the Swons took advantage of that stage.

They out-performed and out-sold much of their competition over the three months of the national show.

They showed the rest of the United States how a good upbringing with an emphasis on faith and hard work molds a man.

They gave Muskogee and Green Country another reason to be proud of where we live.

They have represented the city and the area and the state well.

The Swons have  priceless national exposure in hand.

We wish the Swons the most success possible in life and music.

They have earned that success.

In the coming years, they will use the work ethic they learned here to maximize their talent and the opportunity they have earned.

Well done, Zach and Colton.