, Muskogee, OK


March 9, 2014

Make sure your kids know

Parents should make sure they make a plan with their children to deal with threats at home.

Two children faced a dire situation Tuesday. Their quick thinking may have saved their lives.

Three men kicked in the door to the home where the 13-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl were home alone.

The kids didn’t have access to a phone. They decided to hunker down in a bedroom and pretend to be asleep.

This was a frightening and potentially tragic situation. We commend the two children for their quick thinking in a tight spot.

Parents should discuss how children might respond should something similar happen in their home.

Putting an emergency plan in place and discussing how to respond to such situations with your children is a way to limit the risks.

Make sure your kids know how to get out of the house if there is a problem. Are there neighbors nearby that you know and trust? Make sure your children know where to go if they need to flee.

Police say the best thing anyone can do in a similar situation is to dial 911, even if the caller is unable to talk to authorities.

Muskogee has an enhanced 911 system that will show the location of the caller and police will respond.

The men are still at large. If you have any information about them or about the home invasion, contact the police.

We all want to keep our families safe. Catching these guys will help. Having a plan  with your kids will help even more.

You can help

If you have any information call the Muskogee Police Department, (918) 683-8000, or Crime Stoppers at (918) 682-2677. A cash reward is being offered.

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