, Muskogee, OK

March 23, 2013

It’s now easier to be green

— Muskogee residents should do all they can to help the environment by recycling items such as paper, glass and plastics.

Residents have been able to go to the Muskogee Recycle Drop-off Center for years.

Now residents have another opportunity to become more green.

A Tahlequah-based company has enough residents signed up to begin a curbside service sometime in April.

The owner of Tahlequah Recycling Inc. wanted to see if starting curbside service here would be viable for his company.

Josh Hutchins said he set a target of 100 households to sign up for before he could start service in Muskogee.

As of Friday evening, 115 households have agreed to pay $15 per month for the twice monthly service.

Providing curbside service would be too costly for the city of Muskogee to offer.

This gives residents two options: the most cost-effective drop-off center or the convenience of curbside recycling.

“I have recycled for years — I take it to the city’s recycling center myself,” Councilor Lee Ann Langston said. “It is much more convenient to have it picked up at the curb, and I probably would do a better job of recycling if it’s being picked up on a regular basis.”

Either way, we encourage residents to take advantage of the programs.

The amount of material such as paper, glass and plastic that winds up in landfills is staggering. And every little bit helps.

Curbside recycling

Muskogee residents wishing to sign up for curbside recycling service may  register online at Those who have no Internet service may call Josh Hutchins at (918) 316-5856.

Drop-off center

The Muskogee Recycle Drop-off Center offers service six days per week.

The center, located at the northwest corner of Main and Iola streets, is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The center will accept:

• Paper.

• Magazines.

• Cardboard.

• Office paper.

• Aluminum cans.

• #1 Plastic bottles.

• #2 Plastic bottles.

• Automotive batteries.

• Metal and Tin.

• Glass — (Clear, Brown, Green).

• Used Waste Cooking Oil.