, Muskogee, OK


March 26, 2013

Groups offer good advice

— We can all use a little good advice now and then.

Two groups recently gave good advice to listeners ranging from seventh-grade girls to boys and young men.

Guest speaker Carol Sallee of Bixby regaled the seventh-grade girls with humorous dating stories and straightforward advice on intimacy and choices during The Spring Tea presented by the Muskogee’s Pregnancy Resource Center.

“Our main focus today is about sexual purity and abstinence,” Sallee told the girls at the Muskogee Civic Center. “The first thing you need to believe is you were created special and you are of great worth. The second thing you need to believe is there is a unique plan for your life.”

Sallee asked the girls to make a choice.

“What we’re doing today is asking you to make a promise to the woman you will become in 10 or 15 years,” Sallee said.

Also, about 50 men and 30 young men learned the importance of being present in their families as well as in their communities during the Boys to Men conference.

The conference was held at Harvest Ministries Church Inc., and sponsored by the Muskogee Christian Ministers Union and Black Jack Missionary Baptist Church.

Milford Carter, a minister from Tulsa,  advocated men to “just show up” and let God take care of the rest.

“The overwhelming problem today is that men have failed to be present,” Carter said. “Boys to Men is a rite of passage from immaturity to maturity. Right now, there are no markers to identify a boy from a man, so we gauge it on sexual activity or the ability to sell a drug. We need to find a positive source for a positive influence in our lives.”

Both messages sound like pretty solid advice to us.

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