, Muskogee, OK


February 27, 2014

United Way donations a positive sign

Muskogee raised more than half a million dollars for the United Way, it was announced at the charity’s annual banquet earlier this week.

The United Way serves an important role in our community, and it’s good that so many businesses recognize the need.

Muskogee businesses and individual donors deserve a pat on the back for all the hard work they put into the campaign to raise the funds. The United Way uses the money to better life in the area.

The United Way would have a much harder time raising the necessary funds if not for the generosity of our local businesses. Many businesses offer incentives for their employees to donate.

Other places of employment find creative ways to help spur donations. For example, Muskogee Public Schools, through Melony Carey, started a competition called “penny wars.” The students bring in their pennies, and the money collected is donated to the United Way.

The banquet gives the United Way the chance to thank and recognize those businesses for their hard work.

Our hats are off to those who stress the importance of funding the United Way.

Top contributors

First Place — Georgia-Pacific

Second Place — OG&E

Third Place — Veterans Administration Regional Office

Fourth Place — Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center

Fifth Place — UPS Muskogee

Sixth Place — Kirschner Foundation

Seventh Place — Firstar Bank

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