, Muskogee, OK

November 10, 2012

Thank a vet, because ...

— A nation’s worth can be measured by the number of people willing to defend it with their lives.

From the first skirmish of the Revolutionary War to today’s battles around the world, there have been more than enough people willing to stand up and defend our nation.

The men and women of the military felt this nation was worth a fight.

As we reflect on our nation during this Veterans Day, we suggest you thank a vet.

Why thank a vet:

• Because you can vote.

• Because you can disagree with your elected leaders without fear of being arrested.

• Because girls can read a book without fear of being shot.

• Because you can be as hateful as you possibly can be to either presidential candidate and not fear your life will be taken after the election.

• Because elections aren’t fixed.

• Because you are free to pursue the American dream.

• Because your potential depends on how hard you work.

• Because you have the freedom to come and go as you please in this nation.

• Because you can have a dream.

• Because you can practice any faith you please, or none at all.

• Because you have rights.

• Because you can’t lose your life or liberty without due process of law.

• Because you know your grandchildren will grow up in a free country.

• Because we wear our failings on our sleeves for all the world to see.

But, mostly, thank a vet because there was someone willing to defend your country for you.