, Muskogee, OK

April 22, 2013

Save a life — become a donor

— Eighteen people in the United States will die today awaiting an organ donation.

More than 118,000 people in the United States are waiting for an organ. Less than 80 people receive organ transplants daily, meaning about 90,000 of those still will be awaiting a transplant in a year’s time. While you are reading this paper, another person will be added to the waiting list.

And one organ donor can save up to eight lives.

An area man recently saved a life while grieving the loss of his daughter. Scott Dennis donated one of his kidneys to his uncle exactly one year after his daughter Kambrin died in a car wreck.

Scott’s wife, Lorena, called the donation “an exclamation point in Kambrin’s story.”

Scott Dennis doesn’t believe what he did was “that big of a deal,” he told the Phoenix.

“A lot of people would do this,” he said.

Scott is right. A lot of people would donate.

But more should.

April is Organ Donor Awareness Month. The subject may be difficult to ponder, because it means you must think about dying.

It is a selfless act. Many others will be able to enjoy life because of the decision.

It’s an honorable thing to do.

To donate

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