, Muskogee, OK


October 5, 2013

Program inspires in two ways

A visit by Muskogee Roughers football players to Tony Goetz Elementary last week accomplished a couple of important goals.

First, it inspired kids to read. Second, it taught teens the value of volunteering.

Nearly every skill and every subject a child will learn is taught, at least in part, through reading. There is no skill more essential for students to master.

Young children look up to older kids. They look up to athletes. Seeing and hearing the Roughers reading inspires the students.

“They want to emulate the football players, and they want to be just like them,” second-grade teacher Kathy Perchway said. “They see that the athletes love to read and that encourages them to read. The more they read, the better they read.”

For the older students, an experience demonstrating the worth of volunteering is invaluable.

There are few things more empowering than realizing time and effort freely given can change the lives of others for the better. This program offers the student-athletes the opportunity to learn just that.

We applaud the program, and the students participating in it.

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