, Muskogee, OK


March 4, 2014

Response to winter storm commendable

Most of Sunday’s storm has melted away, and 60 degree temperatures forecasted for Friday will make it soon forgotten.

But we shouldn’t forget those who worked hard before, during and after the winter weather blasted the area.

Two days before the storm hit, representatives from the Muskogee Street Department, Muskogee Fire Department, Muskogee Police and Muskogee Public Schools met with city of Muskogee Emergency Management Director Jimmie Moore to prepare a plan of action.

We all know Oklahoma forecasts are fickle. What is forecasted earlier in the day — let alone two days in advance — can change in a heartbeat.

But that didn’t stop the officials from preparing as if it were to hit.

It’s far easier to scale back on a plan than it is to ramp up action after something happens. This storm is proof.

Muskogee was prepared for Mother Nature on Sunday thanks to city officials’ efforts. All main roads were drivable Sunday and Monday thanks to city workers, who were hard at work during the storm and after, plowing roads and laying sand on the streets. They’ll be busy fixing water main leaks as the temperatures warm up this week too.

Thanks to everyone who made this latest — and hopefully last — winter storm of the year bearable.

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