, Muskogee, OK


March 2, 2008

Environmental shame

Oklahomans should be ashamed of its congressional delegation’s record on the environment.

The League of Conservation Voters recently released a scorecard with Oklahoma’s U.S. senators and representatives at the bottom.

Sen. Jim Inhofe dismisses his record by saying the league is a liberal group. Rep. Tom Cole calls it an ultraliberal special interest group. Inhofe and Cole received a 0 rating from the league, as did Reps. Mary Fallin and Frank Lucas.

The league certainly is dedicated to environmental issues. But the league’s scorecard clearly shows that Oklahoma’s delegation — its two senators and five representatives — rarely consider the environment a factor when voting.


You can access the League of Conservation Voters congressional scorecard by Clicking Here

Rep. Dan Boren had the highest Oklahoma score at 15 percent, but his high score was the lowest among Democratic lawmakers.

That, too, is nothing to boast about. Oklahomans are concerned about the environment, like all Americans, and want changes to protect it. Our congressional delegation obviously isn’t aware of that.

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