, Muskogee, OK


August 21, 2013

Suspending GRDA review smart move

Gov. Mary Fallin did the right thing in listening to her constituents and suspending her review of the Grand River Dam Authority.

Fallin created a 15-member task force to complete a “full and thorough study” of the self-funded state agency.

The task force was expected to recommend potential changes to improve efficiencies.

However, critics saw the review as a pretext to privatizing parts or all of the GRDA.

Municipal governments buy electricity from the GRDA.

The cities then sell the electricity to citizens for arguably a lower rate than what a private company can offer.

Many private companies answer to stockholders.

The stockholders buy shares as an investment and expect a positive return on their investment.

It’s a money making operation.

The GRDA is not tethered to the need to make specific amounts of money.

The GRDA can deliver a good product for a good price. Cities can turn around and sell that for a price that many times is lower than strictly for-profit businesses.

That could have been very bad for consumers.

Gov. Fallin’s administration must have heard from her constituents and reacted accordingly.

That’s to her credit.

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