, Muskogee, OK

May 20, 2013

Rewrite foundation bylaws

— Sometimes it’s best to treat a small issue with a sense of urgency to ensure it does not become a large problem.

Such may be the case of the City of Muskogee Foundation process used to select at-large board members.

The foundation invests the proceeds from the lease of the former Muskogee Regional Medical Center.

The foundation then awards grants — based largely on the return of those investments — to organizations that are trying to help improve our city.

The foundation does good work.

They are making good investments. The funds will help build a better city.

The concept of the foundation remains fairly new.

Not every contingency could have been foreseen when the foundation bylaws were written.

Foundation board members believe they have the authority to nominate board members for council approval.

Some Muskogee city councilors believe they have the authority to nominate and appoint.

What is very clear is that both the city and foundation agree that the bylaws can be read either way. Both see the need to clarify the bylaws.

We believe the issue is not of a large concern at the moment — particularly if both the city and the foundation get together soon and rewrite the bylaws with the precision necessary to keep this from becoming a larger issue.

As they say, sweat the small details and the larger issues take care of themselves.