, Muskogee, OK


April 4, 2014

Educators deserve support

Parents and legislators owe teachers the most support possible because teaching is one of the most critical jobs in society.

A quality education solves so many  woes.

A quality education lifts children above their circumstances and gives them the opportunity to overcome poverty.

That’s why it is so devastating when parents and legislators undermine the people who are entrusted with educating our children.

The Oklahoma Legislature has cut funding or kept it flat to the year before for several years.

Everyone has to tighten their belts in times of financial uncertainty.

But cutting education creates a greater debt that comes due when teens graduate high school.

A poor education contributes to poverty, drug abuse, unemployment and underemployment.

The Oklahoma Senate is considering a bill that would use some funds earmarked for transportation to bolster education.

Both education and transportation are critical to the state’s citizens.

That’s a tough choice, but one worthy of  consideration.

Sales tax revenues depend on consumers having the money to purchase goods and services.

More better paying jobs create more take-home pay for consumers.

A better educated, more qualified workforce encourages out-of-state businesses to invest here.

That workforce is created by a quality educational system.

Too many parents also leave the job of educating their children entirely up to an underfunded educational system.

They do not spend enough time working with their children to show them the importance of education.

And yet, many of those parents who fail to read with Johnny will complain the loudest when Johnny can’t read.

Parents and legislators must do their part to help enable children to reach their potential.

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