, Muskogee, OK


July 2, 2013

Firefighters display sacrifice

You need no better example of how great this nation is than to see who is willing to sacrifice everything to protect it.

Those who have served in our military know that the ideals of the United States are truly worth a fight.

While it seems as if we fight daily over this political issue or that perceived slight, everyone should be able to agree that there are many, many good people in these United States.

You won’t find finer examples of what makes this nation great than the sacrifices made by 19 firefighters in Arizona.

They were elite wildfire specialists.

Eighteen of the 19 were from the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

They answered the call for help.

And they lost their lives.

It takes a special breed of person to rush toward disaster.

It takes a special kind of courage to be willing to give up your life to protect others.

You see it every day in first responders.

Law enforcement. Firefighters. Soldiers. Emergency Medical Services.

When others rightfully flee, these men and women move toward the problem, willing to risk everything in order to provide aid.

The firefighters exemplify what it means to serve.

They risked their lives to protect other people’s lives and property.

Their lives and their untimely deaths will remain with this nation for a long time.

It should remind you that there are people out there willing to help.

There are people just like those firefighters in our community every day.

They help.

They offer aid.

They provide comfort.

And some risk their lives for you, regardless of race, political affiliation or religion.

We mourn the loss of the 19 firefighters.

We celebrate their commitment to everything that makes this nation great.

God bless them all.

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