, Muskogee, OK


June 15, 2013

Tell your father you love him

— Being a great father is not just about the act of conception.

Being a great father begins after conception and continues for a lifetime.

We honor fathers everywhere today for their contributions to their children.

A great father:

• Teaches his children life lessons through everyday acts. He teaches his children a great work ethic by getting up every day and going to work.

• Teaches his children responsibility. Maybe he taught you by letting you watch how he paid the bills on time or said no when the easy answer was yes.

• Gave you chores to teach you how to be responsible to others.

• Bought you a puppy or a cat and fed it when you forgot.

• Is the family goofball. Whether he tried to teach you to pull his finger or just did whatever he had to do to make you laugh when you were sick.

• Learned math and science and biology all over again so he could help you with your homework.

• Coached whatever sports team you joined.

• Provided a moral compass by teaching you right from wrong and used discipline to enforce those lessons.

• Shakes your hand every time he sees you to show you he knows you are a man.

• Hugs you every time he sees you to show you that you will always be his little girl.

• Watches you drive away after every family visit.

Most importantly, great fathers love you all the days of your life.

Happy Father’s Day.

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