, Muskogee, OK


April 11, 2014

Applause for MPS Teacher of Year

District Teacher of the Year for Muskogee Public Schools Diane Walker deserves recognition.

Walker, who has been teaching for 21 years, was honored not just for her performance in the classroom, but also for her ability to connect her students with the broader community.

“She really represents the professionalism and the quality of the educators here in Muskogee,” said Superintendent Mike Garde. “She exhibits that not in the way she instructs her classes, but what she does with our kids beyond the classroom — in taking them to the Capitol or engaging them in community activities — she does it all.”

This semester Walker is teaching American government. She also teaches Oklahoma history, world history and world geography.

As Muskogee Public Schools’ District Teacher of the Year, Walker will submit information to be considered for the Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Award.

Walker encourages students to consider their legacy by asking them: “What kind of person do you want to be, and how can I as a teacher help you get that goal and reach that?”

Walker is a great example of a teacher who can have a profound positive effect on students’ lives.

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