, Muskogee, OK

April 17, 2014

Skype session makes kids teachers

— An effort by Fort Gibson Schools to let third-graders connect with other schools over Skype is worthy of recognition.

The students of today will determine how we use technology tomorrow.

Children integrate technology into their lives in ways their teachers had not even thought of when they were in school.

Two Fort Gibson third-grade classes got to teach the teachers recently.

Students in Shawn Dickmann’s and Alisha Cooper’s classes talked with Plainview High School teachers through the digital phone and video program Skype. Fort Gibson students and Plainview teachers were able to see and talk to each other on classroom screens.

This effort taps into students’ interests and connects them to the learning experience in a powerful way.

It is good to plug into kids’ interest in technology in an education setting. It expands their concept of possible uses for technology.

Teaching others also is a potent learning experience. It builds a child’s sense of competence and value. It is exciting to share information and experiences.

The Fort Gibson students liked showing the teachers how the technology worked.

“This time we got to teach the teachers things they haven’t done before,” third-grader Sydney Taylor said.

The students also used the contact to learn more about another part of Oklahoma. Plainview High School is in the Ardmore area. Oklahoma geography and history are part of the third-grade curriculum.

We applaud Fort Gibson Schools for their innovative approach to classroom technology.