, Muskogee, OK


April 25, 2014

Muskogee proud of Bare Bones

Another year and another successful Bare Bones International Independent Film & Music Festival just concluded.

Muskogee is lucky to have the creation of ShIron and Oscar Ray as one of the cornerstones of our month-long Azalea Festival.

“Just as your film is your baby, this festival is ours,” ShIron Ray told the crowd at the awards reception for 2014 festival.

The festival brings visitors, entertainment and positive attention of our community.

The festival is one of the brightest lights our city offers tourists.

It brings in filmmakers from all over the world.

It creates positive buzz about Muskogee throughout the year as those filmmakers make decisions where they want to show their films.

It allows Muskogee to showcase the best of our community to our visitors.

“Five years from now, no one will remember the awards, but everyone will remember how you treat them,” Oscar Ray told the crowd.

Oscar’s right.

When visitors come here, we should make them feel welcome, put forth our best hospitality and make visitors’ experience here so special they will relay their feelings about our city.

The group that runs the Bare Bones festival does just that.

We should all be grateful to them for being one of Muskogee’s best ambassadors.

The festival also highlights the arts.

It highlights the work being down by many creative people on a much lower budget than Hollywood. Their work is of high quality, too.

We applaud the winners and all the participants of the Bare Bones festival.

We hope they enjoyed their time here and much as we enjoyed having them visit Muskogee.

We applaud ShIron and Oscar’s ‘baby.’ It is one of Muskogee’s top attractions.

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